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River Tone, oil on board, 1975/2015
Martyn Brown

My current work has been a return to representational drawing and painting in traditional media - pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolour and oil. The challenge of representation expressed through strokes of a brush fascinates me, alongside the disintegration of the image in close up. I have also been experimenting with simple printing techniques - monoprints and linocuts. The images I select start with my personal and visual response often to daily life - and sometimes initially captured in my diary/sketchbooks; others are concerned with people or places that have a significance for me. So friends, family, the garden, Dartmoor and the sea feature most strongly.

A number of themes have been recurrent in my work - a sense of place, a meditative process, and political comment. The creative process, the making of an artwork and the processes and thoughts behind it, intrigue and excite me.

I am interested in collaborative work with other artists and in community creative projects - I have organised The Big Draw events, mail art programmes and numerous exhibitions both of my own work and that of other artists. Recent projects have included co-curating an exhibition of the work of Joyce Dennys and presenting her work as prints on deckchairs for Fairlynch Museum and Arts Centre.

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