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Sue Coulson

I have recurring themes surrounding identity, weaving together real and imagined narratives, using the word, written and the performed, and the drawn mark with photography, to make poetic reference to a present and an absent body.

'Being on the Edge' (2012)
'Being Frozen on the Edge' (2013)
'Being on a Wave' (2013)
'Being on the line for 800 paces' book 1(2013)
'Paces 800 for line the on being' book 2(2014)
'Floating Embedded in Concrete' (2014)
'Being in a Cardboard Dream or When the Birds Stop Singing' (2014-15)
'Being Beyond the Narrative' (2015)
'Sketches from a Glass Dream' (work in progress)

Sue Coulson on Axis

Sue Coulson Radio Performances